Brad Rukstales
President and Chief Executive Officer

Brad is a visionary leader who knows the transformational impact data-driven strategies can have on an organization. After a career running the analytics division of RAPP, Brad embarked on his own to bring the power of analytics to his clients by starting Customer Asset Consulting Group (CAC Group). From a solo consultant to accomplished business leader with over 30 technical employees, he has built Cogensia into a powerhouse marketing firm with all of the capabilities needed for companies to implement data-driven marketing. Brands such as CenturyLink, Applebee’s, Morton’s The Steakhouse, Sears Holdings, and ADT have looked to Brad and Cogensia for leadership in their data-driven strategy development and 1:1 communications.

As Chairman of CAC Group, Cogensia’s parent company, Brad is continually looking at opportunities to expand data-driven strategies in new markets, channels, and capabilities through additional companies and partnerships.

Brad received his MBA from The University of Michigan and started his career as a statistician for R.L. Polk, building predictive models long before Big Data came on the scene. He also held the position of Chief Operating Officer at Infoworks, RAPP’s analytic division. He has served in leadership positions with the DMA and several local boards.



Joel Schiltz
Senior Vice President, Products and Services

Joel has spent his career at the forefront of data-driven marketing, predicting and affecting customer behavior long before big-data and data sciences were en vogue. Joel has a unique ability to synthesize information and devise creative solutions to complex challenges. His mixture of strategic, analytic, and technical skills, along with his breadth of experience across countless verticals, allows him to navigate through functional silos and elevate the conversation and ultimately the solution.

Joel started his career as a researcher at Stax, Inc, where he first gained exposure to strategic consulting and the power of data.  He exercised these skills as a statistical consultant within RAPP, transforming brands such as Office Max and JCPenney with applied segmentation and strategic CRM programs. Joel has been critical to the growth and development of CAC Group (now Cogensia), expanding the organization’s capabilities and solution set and delivering data driven marketing results to organizations such as Applebee’s, Ford Motor Company, Morton’s The Steakhouse, and True Value. Joel has overseen the development and expansion of the staff from three analytics professionals to a team of thirty-plus data scientists, marketing and loyalty experts, and statisticians.

Joel is an active member of numerous charitable groups and boards, including CAC Group, Cogensia’s parent company. He continues to expand his skills and breadth of knowledge by learning from others and actively applying these valuable business and life lessons. Joel seeks to provide the same counsel and mentoring to others, as well as find valuable ways to apply his experience through partnerships and charitable work.

Team Members


Craig Bettmann

Senior Vice President, Client Solutions

Craig has spent 15+ years in the industry using data analytics to design data-driven solutions, solve marketing challenges and help clients make better decisions


Pat Riley

Vice President, Business Development

For 15+ years, Pat has partnered with clients to truly understand and solve unique marketing challenges facing executives across the marketing ecosystem                             

Carolina Morabito

Senior Director, Operations 

Carolina brings a wealth of experience in the accounting/finance field, and is responsible to ensure for safeguarding & maintenance of the accounting and finance


Ian P. Berger

Director, SAS

Ian brings 10 years of experience developing and executing analytic solutions across the entire range of Cogensia client portfolio                                      

Andie Kulach

Director, Account Management 

Andie is an experienced marketing manager with 15+ years of developing successful metrics-driven loyalty initiatives and data-driven communications


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