Data-driven marketing is based on understanding customers, and what they are likely to be interested in from a content and product perspective.  Predictive modeling utilizes behavioral, channel, and demographic data to anticipate customer needs and behaviors, so that marketers can focus investments and personalization to the customers most likely display behaviors.

Cogensia has been a pioneer in predictive modeling for over 15 years, and our models are in use in some of the largest marketing organizations today.  We deliver advanced capabilities to manage simple and complex modeling requirements, in static database applications as well dynamic, real-time web-enabled environments. Example methodologies include:

  • Logistic regression (for response)
  • OLS regression (for revenue)
  • Survival Analysis/Hazard Regression
  • Clustering (either K-means or Latent Class)
  • Hierarchical Bayesian methodologies
  • Random Forrest
  • Media mix modeling
  • Real-time scoring

The results are solutions that drive better decision-making by marketers, and our solutions are designed to be integrated into our client’s marketing environment or Cogensia’s Customer Management Platform for live execution in trigger/real time or batch marketing activities.

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