Technology Solutions  Strategy

 Enabling deeper customer relationships with:

  • Our Customer Management Platform to optimize communications
  • Cloud based deployment channels to impact the customer experience
  • Mobile devices and apps to reach customers where they are
  • Real-time integration to impact customers during the journey

Customer Management Platform (CMP)

The CMP provides a fully integrated real-time database for building customer relationships.

Data Integration

Reach out through the right channel, at the right time, with the right offer.

Dynamic Execution

Consolidate and manage your customer information from all available sources.

Solving the Technology Challenge for Marketers

Cogensia makes sense of all your customer data – whether interaction data such as web logs, email, ecommerce and transactions, or third party information – so that you can communicate effectively.  This goes beyond “data warehousing” because marketers need to use data in specific ways, summarizing and utilizing customer behaviors to craft the journey of a customer, and identify the right communications at the right time.

Cogensia optimizes your ability to communicate.  Set up campaigns, triggers, in-stream messaging, app notifications all in one place. Cogensia's Technology Solutions provides the technology expertise businesses need today to support and enable 1:1 customer marketing. 

Companies that are investing in big data technologies shouldn't have to do it all on their own. Cogensia connects the dots through our vast experience across POS systems, big data via Hadoop and spark, web logs, and third party data.  Our tech team builds and manages real-time verification, validation and scoring, cloud based applications, mobile apps, multi-data-center active-active support as part of a core architecture, in memory database processing, newSQL & noSQL, and a host of other leading edge technologies.


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