List & Data Services List&Data

120 million addressable households available for:

  • Target list services
  • Email prospecting
  • Data enhancement / installs
  • Proprietary market segmentation



Target marketing online, self-service, list selection tool for DM & EM acquisition.

Consumer IntelliBase

The most accurate, third-party data source for target marketing.


58 marketable segments that act as the foundation of marketing strategy

Do you know how to find your best customer?

Selecting the Right List

Marketers succeed with the most accurate, comprehensive consumer data for targeting, prospecting, and modeling.  Cogensia’s addressable databases are the perfect solution for:

Intelligent Prospecting

  • Our multi-sourced list supports comprehensive targeting
  • Statistical modeling for optimizing the best targeted selections
  • Location and radius specific selection and quantities
  • B2C, B2C, and B2P (B2B at home!)

Customized Targeting Enables 1:1 Marketing

  • Deliver relevant messages to the right prospect to build valuable customer relationships
  • Drive content with personalization
  • Customize by location and geography
  • Segment-driven creative and copy


The importance of having the right list & data solution partner:

Completing a 360° view of the customer cannot be created by first-party data alone.  The addition of third-party data enables brands to learn about the context of a relationship through lifestyle, demographic, and behavioral data elements. Cogensia’s IntelliBase and Silhouettes3D help support brand context.  At Cogensia, we drive brand relevance through our third-party data products and solutions. 

Data quality is essential. Cogensia sources the most accurate data to ensure that your insights and strategies are accurately defined, and that your marketing tactics are successful. How do we know? We continuously test, measure and evaluate our data and data sources to ensure the most accurate, up-to-date, and complete data in the industry.

Brand relevance is increased by leveraging data to support individual targeting, versioning, and segmenting communications. Cogensia’s Consumer IntelliBase, plus first-party preference data drive targeted, individual-level, consumer channel integration. The ability to communicate directly to an individual consumer based on their preferences is a tremendous advantage. Marketing through addressable (direct mail, email, social) and unaddressable (IP, Cookie, retargeting) channels is key. Cogensia data solutions provide all necessary data and technology to support campaigns across all marketing channels. Are you speaking to all consumers with a solitary message? Segmenting your messaging lifts response and engagement, and IntelliBase is the way to identify and speak to different audiences with more relevance.

To make first and third-party data extremely powerful and in-turn the offer, predictive modeling and segmentation is recommended. Cogensia’s professional services team, with over 20 advanced degreed statisticians, will help uncover actionable insights within your data to predict the next best offer at the right time, and for the right channel. Powered by our data, your marketing will work like never before!


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