With over 25 advanced-degreed statisticians in-house and more than 20 years of marketing experience, our strategic and analytic capabilities are at the core of all we do. Our customer data analysis, predictive modeling and custom segmentation expertise drive personalization and optimization of marketing spend.

Connecting the Dots to a 360° Customer View

There is always an opportunity to know your customers better. Change the way your company speaks to customers by taking these steps to create a 360° customer view.

Energy / Utility Company SAM Audit

A utility company needed to improve business results and attain a clear understanding of the effectiveness of their marketing strategies.


I-Connect™ provides real-time verification, scoring, segmentation, and insight to help marketers stay on top of shifting customer preferences, and confirm the linkage between a consumer’s key attributes and predicted behaviors to drive marketing effectiveness.

Just In Time

Just in Time Marketing enables 1:1 marketing solutions in real-time. Make your email marketing smarter with the ability to communicate specialized offers to customers and prospects in real-time by segment, Geo-location, or preferred store.

SAM Audit

The SAM Audit helps marketers better understand their business and marketing objectives by applying a highly sophisticated level of strategic, analytic and measurement capabilities.


Segmentology® prioritizes your customers and the marketplace for optimal marketing investment strategies. With Segmentology, versioning and relationship marketing programs are customized based on your customers’ behaviors, lifestages, and lifestyles.

Strategy and Analytics

Leverage your big data to understand customer relationships, optimize channel spend, personalize communication strategy, and synchronize across the customer lifecycle.

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