Marketers are always looking to improve the efficiency of their marketing campaigns. What list, what offer, what creative piece will drive the highest response and attract the right customer? Cogensia’s List & Data Services is the answer.

Automotive Conquestor

Market Conquestor Models™ predict the likelihood that a consumer household will be in the automotive market in the next 0-12 months.

Consumer IntelliBase

This robust database, combined with our in-house expertise in analytic methodologies, enables marketers to target the most responsive and profitable prospects and customers.

Dining Segments

From coffee person in the morning, to fast casual with the kids on busy weekends, Dining Segments capture dining behavior so that the marketer can deliver the right message to the right household.


E-telliBase is a high quality email acquisition list offering 100’s of demographic, lifestyle, and consumer behaviors to allow for unlimited options for targeting and customization.

IntelliList Audience Selector

IntelliList is the target marketing list selection solution with over 120 million households available to target marketing messages, promotions, catalogs, and traffic drivers.

List & Data Services

Cogensia List & Data Services is the source for intelligent prospecting. From selecting the right list to customized targeting, Cogensia helps to enable true 1:1 marketing.

New Mover

New Movers are 4-8x’s more likely to respond to direct mail offers than established residents; freshness is critical! Cogensia helps identify, segment, and target consumers mostly likely to respond to an offer.

S3D - Brand Loyalists

Consumers may be loyal to brands for any number of reasons: quality of products and/or services, recognition, convenience, or values. Brand Loyalists define loyalty as “favored brand” status. Brands who can reach them will have long-term customer relationships.

S3D - Digital Influencers

Digital Influencers are driven by a digital lifestyle. These social networkers cultivate via online communication at sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and blogs.

S3D - eCommerce Segments

Online commerce, reviews, price comparisons – these factors matter a great deal to consumers who engage with brands online. However, this is not everyone. Cogensia has identified four levels of ecommerce engagement to allow for versioning, channel management, and online targeting.

S3D - Price Conscious

Price conscious dimensions make purchasing decisions based on coupons, savings messages, and online deals.

S3D - Social Engagement

This social networker is continuously discovering, purchasing, and engaging online. They are advocates for their favorite brands, and often tweet about and review products and services with friends and peers in their online community.

S3D - Social Influencers

Social influencers are early adopters of new technology and participate in various online conversations. They often share recommendations with friends, family, and online. Because of their influence, this is a key segment for marketers.

S3D - Technology Segments

Consumer attitudes and channel engagement are influenced by a consumer’s knowledge of and appreciation for technology. Cogensia has identified four types of technology consumers.


Silhouettes3D™ is the foundation of marketing strategy and execution. Robust modeling, clustering, and segmentation methods have been used to define today’s American consumer into 58 marketable segments.

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