Automotive Conquestor

Market Conquestor Models™ predict the likelihood that a consumer household will be in the automotive market in the next 0-12 months.

Connecting the Dots to a 360° Customer View

There is always an opportunity to know your customers better. Change the way your company speaks to customers by taking these steps to create a 360° customer view.

Consumer IntelliBase

This robust database, combined with our in-house expertise in analytic methodologies, enables marketers to target the most responsive and profitable prospects and customers.


CustomerConnect™ supplements credit and debit POS data with personally identifiable information from Cogensia’s proprietary algorithms and database of over 120 million households.

Dining Segments

From coffee person in the morning, to fast casual with the kids on busy weekends, Dining Segments capture dining behavior so that the marketer can deliver the right message to the right household.


E-telliBase is a high quality email acquisition list offering 100’s of demographic, lifestyle, and consumer behaviors to allow for unlimited options for targeting and customization.

Energy / Utility Company SAM Audit

A utility company needed to improve business results and attain a clear understanding of the effectiveness of their marketing strategies.

Enterprise-wide Approach to Customer Loyalty

A nationwide specialty retailer was seeking to implement organization-wide data aggregation to better understand customers.


I-Connect™ provides real-time verification, scoring, segmentation, and insight to help marketers stay on top of shifting customer preferences, and confirm the linkage between a consumer’s key attributes and predicted behaviors to drive marketing effectiveness.

IntelliList Audience Selector

IntelliList is the target marketing list selection solution with over 120 million households available to target marketing messages, promotions, catalogs, and traffic drivers.


IntelliModel analyzes existing customers to see what a client’s best customers have in common and help identify and target prospects most likely to become future best customers.


INTERCHANGE delivers data and insights covering key areas of tolling operations including revenue, operations and customer service.

Just In Time

Just in Time Marketing enables 1:1 marketing solutions in real-time. Make your email marketing smarter with the ability to communicate specialized offers to customers and prospects in real-time by segment, Geo-location, or preferred store.

List & Data Services

Cogensia List & Data Services is the source for intelligent prospecting. From selecting the right list to customized targeting, Cogensia helps to enable true 1:1 marketing.

Loyalty 1:1 Solutions

Cogensia utilizes the insights we gather and our 1:1 marketing experience to improve current loyalty programs or design new marketing initiatives to discover actionable truths about customers.

New Mover

New Movers are 4-8x’s more likely to respond to direct mail offers than established residents; freshness is critical! Cogensia helps identify, segment, and target consumers mostly likely to respond to an offer.

Program Assessment

Assess your current customers and loyalty marketing initiatives to identify core behaviors, customer values, and actionable insights to achieve 1:1 marketing.

Restaurant Guest Satisfaction

RGS provides a way for restaurateurs to track guest satisfaction, monitor employee and location performance, and troubleshoot guest problems quickly and efficiently.

S3D - Brand Loyalists

Consumers may be loyal to brands for any number of reasons: quality of products and/or services, recognition, convenience, or values. Brand Loyalists define loyalty as “favored brand” status. Brands who can reach them will have long-term customer relationships.

S3D - Digital Influencers

Digital Influencers are driven by a digital lifestyle. These social networkers cultivate via online communication at sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and blogs.

S3D - eCommerce Segments

Online commerce, reviews, price comparisons – these factors matter a great deal to consumers who engage with brands online. However, this is not everyone. Cogensia has identified four levels of ecommerce engagement to allow for versioning, channel management, and online targeting.

S3D - Price Conscious

Price conscious dimensions make purchasing decisions based on coupons, savings messages, and online deals.

S3D - Social Engagement

This social networker is continuously discovering, purchasing, and engaging online. They are advocates for their favorite brands, and often tweet about and review products and services with friends and peers in their online community.

S3D - Social Influencers

Social influencers are early adopters of new technology and participate in various online conversations. They often share recommendations with friends, family, and online. Because of their influence, this is a key segment for marketers.

S3D - Technology Segments

Consumer attitudes and channel engagement are influenced by a consumer’s knowledge of and appreciation for technology. Cogensia has identified four types of technology consumers.

SAM Audit

The SAM Audit helps marketers better understand their business and marketing objectives by applying a highly sophisticated level of strategic, analytic and measurement capabilities.

Satisfaction Indicator

CSI provides a way for business owners to track guest satisfaction, monitor employee/location performance, and troubleshoot customer problems quickly.


Segmentology® prioritizes your customers and the marketplace for optimal marketing investment strategies. With Segmentology, versioning and relationship marketing programs are customized based on your customers’ behaviors, lifestages, and lifestyles.


Silhouettes3D™ is the foundation of marketing strategy and execution. Robust modeling, clustering, and segmentation methods have been used to define today’s American consumer into 58 marketable segments.

Strategy and Analytics

Leverage your big data to understand customer relationships, optimize channel spend, personalize communication strategy, and synchronize across the customer lifecycle.

Technology Solutions

Transform disparate data sources into an intelligent, customized platform that delivers a 360° view of customers to execute more relevant marketing communications.

Tolling Data Analysis

By combining customer-level transactional traffic data with appended demographics, we help increase and optimize toll usage and revenue for toll companies.

Tolling Segmentation

Segmentation empowers strategies and communications targeted at specific groups of customers who behave similarly to produce better results than a one-size-fits-all approach.

What Makes Us Different

We combine best-in-class analytical and data enhancement services with marketing expertise to provide a fact-based, unbiased business evaluation to develop marketing solutions.

What We Do

Cogensia provides data-driven marketing strategies and solutions to enable marketers to get more customers, keep them coming back, and grow more profitable relationships.

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