Segmentology® is our approach to driving multi-channel customer insights – behaviors, attitudes, needs, and habits – in a way that is addressable to your customers and prospects, at an individual level.  Many companies struggle with actioning segmentation, because either the findings aren’t deep enough to prompt clear action for each segment, or the segments are based completely on primary research, and therefore cannot be applied to a customer or prospect database for use in marketing.

With Segmentology, relationship marketing programs, acquisition strategies, and product planning are customized based on your customers’ behaviors, lifestyles, and attitudes. In 30 days, Segmentology provides marketers with the foundation for segment based marketing.

Segmentology® Delivers Valuable Information About Your Market:

  • Complete Profiles of Customers with rich demographic, interests and census information about your customers relative to the households in your geographic markets.
  • QuickStart Segments that help you identify core customer segments for acquisition and retention planning.  These segments are profiled with our syndicated attitudinal profiles around technology, social media, loyalty, price sensitivity, and others, to provide you with a way to start changing your marketing today (see how Silhouettes is used to understand your customers)
  • Custom segmentation that includes a deep analysis of your transactional, channel, and customer data, our demographic and attitudinal data, and primary research to drive need-states and competitive analysis.

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