Casual Dining Loyalty 1:1

A casual dining company captures customer data to engage with their customers in a new way.

Customer Assessment

A B2B services company needed a better understanding of their customers to identify new marketing strategies to increase engagement.

Drive Better Results! Assess your Customer Base & Marketing Programs

Start assessing your current customers and loyalty marketing initiatives today.

Drive Traffic Through Personalization

Find out how to increase your restaurants marketing impact, with the tools you already possess.

Energy / Utility Company SAM Audit

A utility company needed to improve business results and attain a clear understanding of the effectiveness of their marketing strategies.

Enterprise-wide Approach to Customer Loyalty

A nationwide specialty retailer was seeking to implement organization-wide data aggregation to better understand customers.

Fine Dining Loyalty 1:1

A fine dining restaurant chain developed a program to define who their frequent guests were and learn more about them.

Health Care Provider Targeted Acquisition

A healthcare provider improved their acquisition ROI and overall marketing strategy by 200%.

How to Use Data Analytics to Move Customer Loyalty

Cogensia took a combined approach of both store and customer segmentation, which led to an overall increase in store relevance and resulted in greater loyalty.

How will your data environment change in 2015

A look back at big data in 2014, and 3 tips on what your strategic plan should focus on in 2015.

Loyalty & Guest Satisfaction

A dining chain built a Knowledge Engine to measure and monitor guest satisfaction.

Telecommunications Service Provider

A telecom service provider successfully launched a new brand and service designed to build a new, more profitable customer base.

Toll Road Segmentation

A tolling authority identified distinct customers and their contribution to toll usage volume.

Tolling Acquisition Modeling

A tolling authority increased revenue by identifying prospects with the greatest potential of becoming high-value customers.

Tolling Loyalty Feasibility Study

A tolling authority evaluated the short and long-term effects of offering a loyalty program to their drivers.

Transponder Conversion Strategies

A tolling authority identified and converted cash customers to transponder users to increase net revenue.

Travel Tours

A tour operator increased overall marketing efficiency through an advanced targeting and streamlines process.

Understanding Customer Segmentation

This white paper will look at some of the key methods of segmentation and how they can best be applied to the real-world issues marketers face.

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