We combine all your customer data sources with our robust internal Consumer IntelliBase & Silhouettes to assess your program and find actionable customer insights

  • Performance evaluation
  • Customer value analysis
  • Data appends
  • Segmentation and profiling
  • Data modeling
  • Predictive modeling
  • Response modeling
  • Experimental design models
  • Competitive analysis
  • Data management
  • Reporting
  • Research


We design (or redesign) loyalty solutions against your objectives and ROI requirements.


  • Loyalty Strategy
  • Program Design
  • Research and ROI simulator tool
  • Pilot program design
  • Targeted 1:1 lifecycle design
  • Local marketing
  • Promotion design
  • Partnership strategy


Set-up the construct of the loyalty or 1:1 customer experience and execute the program pilot. Execute or integrate with established delivery partners.

  • Data processing of customer transaction and channel data
  • Develop pilot program tracking
  • Manage central customer knowledge engine with client data
  • Develop & execute customer communications; integrate with client or partners as required


Monitor customer engagement, incremental customer behaviors and ROI.


  • Measure KPIs
  • Measure incremental customer behaviors
  • Calculate ROI and results

Fact Sheets

Customer Satisfaction Indicator

CSI provides a way for business owners and managers to track guest satisfaction, monitor employee and location performance, and troubleshoot customer problems quickly and efficiently.

Customer Connect

CustomerConnect™ supplements credit and debit POS data with personally identifiable information from Cogensia’s proprietary algorithms and database of over 120 million households. 

Loyalty 1:1 Solutions

Cogensia utilizes the insights we gather and our 1:1 marketing experience to improve current loyalty programs or design new marketing initiatives to discover actionable truths about customers.

Program Assessment

Assess your current customers and loyalty marketing initiatives to identify core behaviors, customer values, and actionable insights to achieve 1:1 marketing.

Restaurant Guest Satisfaction

RGS provides a way for restaurateurs to track guest satisfaction, monitor employee and location performance, and troubleshoot guest problems quickly and efficiently.

What Makes Us Different in Loyalty

We combine best-in-class analytical and data enhancement services with marketing expertise to provide a fact-based, unbiased business evaluation to develop marketing solutions.

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