In today’s Digital World, reaching your customers through the right channel, at the right time, with the right offer is critical. Cogensia’s Customer Management Platform facilitates your customer preferences in real-time through multi-channel dynamic execution.  Our cloud based infrastructure allows you to reach your customer anywhere and at any time.  

With the Platform’s real-time capabilities, verification, scoring, and segmentation, we can manage optimization and personalization of omni-channel marketing programs and dynamic web content. All of this leads to communications that are more efficient and highly relevant, which increases the value of your customer base and results in higher ROI through increased response and retention rates.

By establishing a Customer Management Platform, you will be able to integrate and execute your marketing campaign dynamically across traditional and emerging channels including the Web, email, mobile, and social.

Customer Touch

Customer Touch is the CMP’s communications management module.  In this module, trigger builder and campaign builder are used to construct the meaningful interactions across channels, based on all the information known about a customer.  All of the data that we have about customers is used, including predictive analytics, personas, and testing, to ensure that the communications are boosting customer engagement and ROI.

The Customer Management Platform is the Center of Intelligence for all your marketing needs.

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