Many organizations who have built consumer segmentation as the basis of insights, strategy, and tactics are disappointed in the results. What began as a corporate investment to build a basis of growth can easily turn into an unusable set of interesting facts and assumptions that cannot be properly leveraged by the entire organization. In fact, most segmentations are dead or not used within 12 months of being completed. The sad part about this all-too-familiar tale is that it is largely preventable. Here are some simple steps that can be taken to decrease the risk of a segmentation disaster: Read More
In many organizations, marketers are charged with increasing customer engagement – in stores, via email, on e-commerce platforms and on social media – to increase awareness and loyalty. When it comes to communications strategies, this means delivering the right individual message to each customer. This leads to a higher level of communications, relevance and therefore higher clicks, likes, shares and purchases. Big data analytics can deliver on the insights that drive relevance for communications in many ways. Read More
Loyalty programs are driving customer satisfaction across various industries. They’re also improving company bottom lines and giving businesses better insight into who their customers really are. Combined with the right data analytics solutions, retailers, restaurants and merchants have a better view of what their customers desire and how to effectively communicate with these individuals. Read More
Marketers today have more channels to interact with their customers than ever before, meaning they also possess more ways to collect client information. While this is a positive aspect of modern-day advertising and customer engagement, there’s one aspect of multichannel outreach that companies need to work hard to combat: letting information get stale. This means that when customer information isn’t changed, it can impact the relevance and effectiveness of all channels. Read More
As a marketing professional, you already know the importance of data. It helps you get to know your current customers, shed light on who to reach out to and provides measurable results from the back end that you can bring to your clients. Read More
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