Is 2018 your “year of the customer”?

It is clear that the challenging consumer retail environment is not going to get easier.  Restaurants, especially casual and family […]

Improve Profitability Through Customer Lifetime Value

“Focus on your best customers.”  “Go after the big fish.”  “Drive greater customer profitability.”   You have probably said some […]

5 Things to Know Before Swimming in Your Data Lake

B2B companies typically work with several Big Data sources – marketing automations, sales platform, billing system, and customer service to […]

Loyalty 360: 2017 State of the Industry Report

INTRODUCTION The only constant in customer loyalty is its variability. With more technologies flooding the market than ever before, brands […]

Driving Traffic to Your Restaurant Through Personalization: The 4 Step Journey

Businesses face many challenges today that impact traffic and same store sales. This includes pricing pressures, an aggressive competitive environment, […]
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