Loyalty Trends of 2017

Cogensia is moving in the right direction by taking full advantage of the 2017 Loyalty Trends with our new CMP technology platform. To meet […]

Reflections from Loyalty Expo 2016

For the past nine years, Loyalty 360 has assembled some of the best and brightest in the loyalty space, and […]

1:1 Marketing… just a buzz word or are you making it happen?

The term 1:1 Marketing has been around for over 10 years, but many companies still struggle to effectively market to […]

Reaching the right customer: Mobile’s impact on loyalty marketing

Loyalty programs have traditionally been popular in American households.

3 ways to maximize your audience segmentation strategy

Big Data continues to offer the promise of intelligent, 1:1 engagement with customers based on analysis. How this gets done, however, is rarely discussed. There are some immediate, simple ways to become more intelligent in communications through audience segmentation.
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