Casual Dining Loyalty 1:1

A casual dining company captures customer data to engage with their customers in a new way.

Customer Assessment

A B2B services company needed a better understanding of their customers to identify new marketing strategies to increase engagement.

Energy / Utility Company SAM Audit

A utility company needed to improve business results and attain a clear understanding of the effectiveness of their marketing strategies.

Fine Dining Loyalty 1:1

A fine dining restaurant chain developed a program to define who their frequent guests were and learn more about them.

Health Care Provider Targeted Acquisition

A healthcare provider improved their acquisition ROI and overall marketing strategy by 200%.

Telecommunications Service Provider

A telecom service provider successfully launched a new brand and service designed to build a new, more profitable customer base.

Toll Road Segmentation

A tolling authority identified distinct customers and their contribution to toll usage volume.

Tolling Acquisition Modeling

A tolling authority increased revenue by identifying prospects with the greatest potential of becoming high-value customers.

Tolling Loyalty Feasibility Study

A tolling authority evaluated the short and long-term effects of offering a loyalty program to their drivers.

Travel Tours

A tour operator increased overall marketing efficiency through an advanced targeting and streamlines process.

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