Highlights from the 2016 Engagement & Experience Expo

expo1During the first week of December, Cogensia joined 150 marketing leaders at the 2016 Engagement & Experience Expo hosted by Loyalty 360. The conference featured speakers from a variety of industries talking about what they are doing to focus not only marketing, but their entire business model on their customers.

What is working – While I wasn’t able to attend all of the sessions (many hard choices on which breakouts to attend is the sign of a great conference!) those I did attend had a common thread to success – data. Ulta spoke on the value of data integration and what they call the “Golden Customer Record”. Goodwill Industries and Driven Brands discussed how customer segmentation was key to the success they are seeing within their brands. Fanatics stressed how important it is to use your data to know your customers, and based on the results they are seeing it is hard to argue with that advice.

Best Session – For those of us who attended the final session of the conference we were treated to an outstanding workshop on Innovation. Anyone looking for an energetic speaker on business process and Innovation – Jose Pires from Black & Veatch is your answer. Everyone in the room was quickly engaged with Jose’s message on how innovations can come from anywhere in an organization, many times resulting from novice curiosities that challenge existing ways of thinking and unlock value previously unattainable. And the golf ball exercise was excellent!

Congratulations – Congratulations to all of the CX Awards finalists! I had the privilege of moderating 3 award categories where finalists presented their submission in categories of Employee Engagement, Customer Insights, and Business Transformation. I was so impressed with the work these finalists have done for their respective companies and how they are changing the ways their brands interact with their customers. We all benefit from the work you are doing! A full list of categories and winners can be found on http://www.engagementexpo.com/

Overall, I would say that we have reached the point where customers expect brands to use the data they have (preferences, behaviors, purchase history) to enhance the customer experience, and this conference highlight several brands who are doing just that. For those of you looking to grow your customer experience knowledge I recommend you add this conference to your list of “must attend”.

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