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Brad Rukstales

Brad Rukstales, President and CEO

Data-driven. Breakthrough Results. Inspiring Communications. We get it. There’s a lot of pressure to deliver a customer experience that is integrated, multi-channel, and relevant, all while bringing bottom-line growth.

Our capabilities deliver on the promise of data-driven marketing, borne out of the combination of tried-and-true data mining and analytics, technology that supports integrated digital channels, our proprietary third-party data that brings context, and our loyalty 1:1 planning and execution machine.

Our executive team has an average of 20 years of loyalty, CRM, 1:1, analytics, and/or technology experience across leading brands such as Best Buy, GE Capital, JC Penney, Sears Holdings, and many others.

You see, we have a driving passion for our work. Sometimes we are an analytic partner. For other clients, we provide full-service eClub management. For another client, we may drive all of their prospecting, or redesign and manage their loyalty program. With our capabilities and experience, we manage a wide range of complex marketing issues. All with the same point of view – your customers.

Our client retention is outstanding, and our work is second to none. 

Our Practices

Our data-driven marketing solutions are powered through the combination of big data integration technologies,

external consumer data, advanced statistical analytics, and smart, experienced marketing.

Strategy & Analytics  Strategy_icon1

Delivering data-driven insights about your marketing programs and customers

  • Leading-edge decision sciences
  • Predictive modeling
  • Custom segmentation
  • Advanced degreed analysts in-house

List & Data Services  ListData_icon1

120 million addressable households

  • Customer Connect
  • Target list services
  • Email prospecting
  • Data enhancement/installs
  • Proprietary market segmentation

Technology Solutions  Technology_icon1

Enabling deeper customer relationships

  • Customer Management Platform
  • Cloud based deployment channels
  • Mobile devices and apps
  • Real-time integration

Loyalty & 1:1 Solutions Loyalty_icon1

Building customer relationships

  • Uncover actionable insights
  • Personalize 1:1 communication strategies
  • Loyalty program design
  • Smart eClub optimization and deployment

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